The Legacy of Faer

Blah Blah,Blah Blah,KILL!!!

Urge to kill RISING!

(From the mind of Rikter)

So after a very long couple of days we finally managed to kill the bastard who we believed to be behind the killing of these people’s friend. To be honest if it wasn’t for the promise of eventual murder of those deserving of death then I wouldn’t even be here. I’m beginning to feel like what I’m doing here is earning me a name for myself and that’s not a thing I want in life.

In fact Barlow can’t seem to keep his mouth shut about our doings here and his stories grow more and more unbeliveable as the days go by. I keep telling him to leave me out of the stories, but he doesn’t desire to honor my wishes and sooner or later I’m gonna sew the bastards mouth shut.

Now there I go getting distracted again. So as I was saying, we began to find more information as to some mass conspiracy going on that resulted in the death of their friend, or so says the weird looking orc hidden in solitude on the mountain with nothing but a dead wolf worn over his head as a cape to keep him company. Yeah, I said it. I’ll give you a moment to stir with that one.

You done. Alright good. They talk to this guy for what feels like hours and then he says he’s done talking. Konoss fills me in on the details as we wander back to the town. Seems that the guy we’re looking for is currently and has for quite some time been forming an underground army of the undead in the sewers. Yeah, I said it, but if I keep giving you time to soak this crap in then we’re gonna be here forever so just keep on your toes here.

So we go to talk to some crazy drunk pirate at the docks cause this guy apparently knows alot about what’s been going on in the sewers. I don’t understand why we don’t just go in swinging, but apparently we need more information before we can kill the things we need to kill. That’s news to me, since running in swinging wildly has never failed me before. I undestand if your some kind of sissy, but not this man.

So they babble on for several more hours. We get the location of where this guy should be in the sewers, but for whatever reason we need to play 20 million questions ever after the fact. I’ll admit, I got bored and wandered off. The need to kill got the better of me so I struck down some random villager. He appeared to be up to no good, but that’s about everyone in this town. I’ll pray for it later or something.

I returned to find them still talking on and on so just kind of took a nap near them and when they were finally ready we headed out. We’ve passed one group of zombies down here but Barlow and Ailyn seem to think it would be a bad idea to attack them as we could alert the man who raised them.

So we moved further into the sewers and found ourselves sitting at a ladder going down into the high-tide. We have to wait here until it lowers so that we can climb down, which could take hours. So here I am. Writing about all this crap because I don’t know what else to do. Come to think of it. I think I’m gonna go kill those zombies.

Rikter. Over and out.



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