The Legacy of Faer

I Believe Introductions are in Order

This mission has opened up a can of worms.

(From the mind of Rikter)

I arrived in Pirate’s Cove to complete a mission much like any other. The damn place is a maze of buildings, but I kept to myself for most of my time and found that if I didn’t wander off it was impossible to get lost. My mission was an easy one. I won’t bore with the details, but it’s fair to say that the man has been exterminated.

Anyways, what I’m getting on about here is the fact that, a man gets bored and edgey after having not spilt blood for so many days. Alright, I get edgey after having not spilt blood for so many days. ALRIGHT, hours, but that’s beside the point.

So I decide that I need a good glass of wine to calm my nerves and I travel out into the labrynth. I’m walking around for almost an hour before I trip over something. When I looked back there was this little gnome sitting there.

Now I’m not one to hate on anyone purely based on race, but these small people really need to start watching where us larger people are going. I try to explain my feelings to the gnome, but she snaps back with something about how us large people need to look out for them. I can tell I’m not going to get anywhere with this argument. We agree to to disagree.

So this being the only person still alive that I’ve spoke to since I got in this hell-hole, I ask her if she’ss show me the way to a bar. She has a smirk on her face when she says yes. I’m not sure what she has planned, but I can’t say that I’m interest. I guess we’ll see what happens after a bottle of wine. I ask her to come along and tell her my name. She’s says hers is Ailyn Treg.

We end up getting a little side tracked trying to get to the bar. Have I mentioned that this place is a maze yet? I think I have, but allow me to reiterate: Ahem, this place is a God Damn maze from hell. I hate it. And now you know that. We run into this ragtag group of four thugs in some back alleyway. Their eyeing up Ailyn and demanding to recieve some form of pay. In a nice way I tell them to kindly go screw themselves or they’re as good as dead.

My genius words are not taken to heart, so they have to have a long discussion with Ailyn about why they want the items and why she should give them up. I sit there moving my hand around the handle of my blade wanting so desperately to just cut them down. The itch to kill was growing strong and the more these idiots fought for sympathy from us, the greater the itch became.

Finally the leader of this group draws his weapon and I smile, knowing he just made the last decision of his life and he should of picked a msarter one to go out on. I charge in blindly cutting down anything that stands in my path. Little do I know that AIlyn is packing herself, and that she apparently had some backup waiting in the wings as some half-orc comes flying down from the rooftops and cuts this one guy clean down his spine.

Now I’m all for breaking stereotypes and all, as I eluded to earlier with my lack of racism, but when half-orcs start leaping from the rooftops I begin to become a bit skeptical. As it turns out he’s on my side so I’m not gonna let it bother me too much.

The bastards begin dropping about as quick as I expect them to. One of them actually hit me though, and I’ll give him credit for that. A touch, a touch, I do confess it, but now he’s dead so you tell me who wins.

They teleport themselves out with some kind of necklace, but there’s no way I’m letting them get away. I grab one of the glowing necklaces and in half curiosity, half insanity I decide to hold onto it and teleport to wherever they’re going. It pops me through a dimensional door and thankfully I wind up in a room with one of the ones I already knocked out.

Ailyn and her friend must have done just fine in my absence as soon enough the two other guys with necklaces dimensional door into the next room. I move to the door, noticing the man in the room with me is human, and I mock his pain and anguish. I can’t help myself. The second the door opens, the poor guy gets sacked. Nothing like a good decapitation to satisfy your need to kill.

The last guy pulls back into the corner, and tries to activate some switch on the bookcase. I can’t manage to stop him in time, but Ailyn and the half-orc enter just in time to finish him off themselves. I walk back and finish off the unconcious man.

I didn’t want any survivors, but as it turns out they decided to let the fourth guy go since he showed them how to find me. Note to Self: There cannot be someone who lived to tell a fight with Rikter. Finish him off at all costs.

The half-orc and I are finally given introductions. He calls himself Konoss. He’s suprisingly well spoken for a half-orc, which is very comforting.

I no longer need a drink to satisfy my itch, but now I damn sure need a celebratory drink. We head down to this place they call The Dirty Mermaid. At first entrance this seems like a great place. People are brawling all over the place and I’m almost taken off of my feet as some guys pushes another one to the ground right in front of me.

I kick the guy on the ground right in the ribs and hi five his assailant as I make my way up to the bar. There’s some dwarf sitting next to the bar. I ask her if I can have a drink, but she refuses and our relationship was immediately off to a poor start. I try and order a drink, but the bartender is so drunk off his ass that it takes way longer then I may have wanted.

He finally does lay a bottle of wine down on the table, but he doesn’t even have a glass to go with it. I shudder at the thought of drinking such fine liguid right out of the bottle like a savage, but I have no choice. I reach for the bottle, but somebody falls from the balcony and lands down on the bar crushing my bottle beneath his back. I swing angerly at his face, seeking retribution, but a monkey comes leaping down ontop of his face, and I can’t stop myslef mid punch. The monkey takes the brunt of the blow and the two go toppling off of the bar.

Ailyn retrieves another bottle for me and I drink it down with great satisfaction. The drink is delicious. Nice and sweet without being to overbearing. I slosh it around in my mouth savoring the taste. When the bottle is empty I’m not sure what exactly to do with it, but I have a pretty good idea.

I turn away from the bar and yell at the top of my lungs. The chaos stops momentarily as the entire bar turns to look at me. I toss the bottle in no particular direction and it catches some guy directly in the face. The chaos immediately resumes. He comes barreling after me, but I easily step aside and he topples over the bar. A monkey comes flying across the bar, I can only imagine for my head, but it falls short and the thing latches onto the dwarfs face.

I chuckle as I walk out of the bar. That’s what she gets for not sharing a drink with me. I’m almost out the door when I’m grabbed by the back of the head by a monkey. It doesn’t take a bard to figure out who through it. The dwarf rushes past me and out the door before I can stop her, but I rip the monkey off and spike it to the ground before chasing her out of the bar.

It’s a long chase through these winding streets, but soon enough I catch the bitch at a nearby inn. Seems she is with Ailyn and Konoss as well as she rushes behind their feet. I’m towering over her and demanding retribution, but Konoss tells me that if I lay a hand on her I’m going to be in trouble. Although I’d love to see it happen I decide for a different approach.

I demand two crossbow bolts from the Dwarf and after much confrontation she eventually hands them over. I immediately tie one to each forearm of my armor as a constant reminder of my dominance over the dwarf. I make the reasoning known and move to the door. Konoss says something as I’m walking away, but I have no idea what.

I have to admit that there’s something I like about this new group. SO much so that it has me actually telling tales of my life, which I’ve never done before. I might have to burn these when all is said and done, but who knows. Maybe these people will give a me a story that’s best not to be forgotten.

I’ll worry about learning the dwarf’s name tomorrow. For now I’m going to sleep feeling victorious. I killed some bastards, got a drink, and, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve proved my dominance among this new group. I consider that a sucessful day.



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