The Legacy of Faer


I never asked for this.

(From the mind of Rikter)

So I went back and killed those zombies, and that has made all the difference. I feel so much better now. It’s like the sun is suddenly shining. At least it feels that way, I’m in a sewer here, so you gotta work with me. Let’s assume the sun is shining up there.

Either way, with the zombies dead and my urge to kill supressed. I returned to where the party should have been, but all tht was there was a tunnel which continued forward. The entire room that we were in and everything we had seen before was gone. I walked forward for a good time, thinking that maybe it was further than I remembered, but when I came to the gates which went out into the water I was extremely confused.

I made my way back to town, maybe they had too. I tried to think like they would, but there was noone talking to that dang pirate and that was a shocker for me. So I thought good and I thought hard. The bard loves to babble on and on regardless of whether someone is listening or not, so I figured I’d go to the place where the most amount of people could be gathered: The trade market.

Once there I could have sworn I saw the group. They were crowded together near a drainage pipe. I moved towards them, but suddenly some guy jumps in front of me. “You’re Rurik aren’t you?” I try to shove him off saying I’m not who he claims to be, but he isn’t buying it. “Don’t be bashful, of course you are. Hey everybody. It’s the invinceable Rurik.” Within seconds I’m surrounded.

I try to look through the crowd to the party but in the moment I lose sight of them they all disappear. I’m stuck dealing with a crowd of insignificant low-lifes. As they converge around me the urge to kill is getting higher and higher, and I’m not sure what I’m to do anymore. I finally push through the crowd of oggling ignoramuses and take the fast road out of town.

As I wondered through the woods all I could think was that the damn bard is becoming a problem, babbling on and on about the wonderful feats of her company which happenes to include the epicly stunning Rurik. I can’t stop being as great as I am so what am I to do to make people stop falling in love with Rurik. If only I wasn’t Rurik.

That’s when it hit me. I don’t have to be Rurik at all. All I need is some new armor and a new name and people won’t know the difference, for afterall what’s in a name. I’ll trade my armor in for something new, should be an even trade afterall and we’ll be good to go. Now I just need to think of a name.

It was then that I had the sneaking suspicion that I was not alone. That feeling of someone breathing down your neck and then he pounced. His sword bounced of my armor as he fell from the tree and in an instant I had him pinned against the trunk with my shield. He yelled for me to let him go. And that if I didn’t surrender and give him all that I owned I would regret it.

No mere man threatens me. I raised my sword to slit his throat but a sudden thought stopped me. “What’s your name?” I asked. He seemed confused and toke a moment to debate whether to answer the question. I pressed harder with my shield causing the spikes to pierce deeper into his flesh and he screamed out in pain, “Tynril! My name is Tynril!”

I run my blade across his throat. Tynril. I think I can live with that.



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