Artgum Secteur

A mentor to many, a father of none, his life touched many but now touches none. Rest in peace.


Once a respected member of Faer’s Maw, Artgum was found brutally murdered in his home during an orc invasion of the city. Curious, however, was the inability of any to properly resurrect him or the lack of evidence as to a forced entry to his home. So curious, in fact, that both concerned citizens and outsiders have begun an investigation into his death.

Artgum was a jack of all trades and, as such, often served as a professional mentor to travelers and citizens in Faer’s Maw. While quickly overshadowed by his pupils in their personal specializations, his variety and experience provided useful insight that continued to benefit the city and its people. In addition to providing guidance, he spent a great deal of his time operating a semi-permanent shrine to Desna and designing custom spells and gadgets, though many he kept to himself.

Artgum was allegedly part of a secret society, though this information comes from a crazy old man, half decayed from sorcery.


Artgum Secteur

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