A Brilliant Half-Orc with Poor Judgment and the Best Intentions


Rogue 5 / Wizard 2


Born to a human adventurer and the beautiful Orc maiden he saved from an elven raiding party, Konoss has lived in Faer’s Maw for most of his life.

His father lived for years vanquishing Orc raiding parties and assassinating would-be warlords for the promise of elven coins (which they were good enough to pay, more often than not). One morning up in the mountains, he happened upon a small Orc village already reduced to a smoking ruin by an elven hunting party. The elves, having already slain all the males of the village in the fight, were systematically flushing out and killing all the women and children. Unwilling to stomach that brutality and unable to take on the whole hunting party himself, he sneaked into the village and helped one of the young Orc maidens escape. With nowhere else to go, she followed him (against his wishes) back to Faer’s Maw. With what he saw that night, he could no longer bring himself to continue hunting Orcs, especially not for elven money. He hung up his blade, and decided to live the rest of his life on the considerable coin he had already saved. The Orc maiden insisted on staying with him, and the two eventually fell in love and had a child, whom they named Konoss.

Growing up in lawless Faer’s Maw taught Konoss a great many things about how to avoid notice and how to relieve the “less deserving” of their hard-earned coin. Growing up with his mother and father taught him how to hold an ax, and just where to place it when his foe wasn’t looking. He now uses much of his father’s old adventuring equipment, from his shadowed mithral shirt (given by the elves as a reward for work well done) to Cold Heart – his enchanted greataxe (taken from an Orc Warlord).


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