House Rules

Magical Healing

Consider any magical healing as automatically raising a dying recipient to at least 1hp, regardless of the amount applied or their current negative hit point total.

Critical Threats/Damage Multiplication

Against most enemies (with the exception of powerful foes like dragons or NPCs who matter), consider any critical threat a hit (because, let’s face it, it probably is anyway).

For damage multiplication from critical hits, simply multiply the damage instead of rolling multiple times – it can be faster and requires fewer dice for those of us that don’t have as many. Rolling multiple times is probably also acceptable (and mathematically almost equivalent, though actually rolling tends to lead to an averaging effect).

Basic Swag

Every character is assumed to have a “Basic Adventuring Kit” worth about 5gp, if they want it. The kit contains the bare essentials, like traveling clothes, a bedroll, backpack, tent, torch, and a few days’ trail rations.

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House Rules

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